Full text of the speech made by Secretary Defence Mr. Gotabaya Rajapaksa at the inaugural session of the Galle Dialogue Maritime Conferenceas follows.

Your Excellencies, Heads of Missions based in Colombo
Secretary to the President
Secretaries to Other Ministries
Chief of Defence Staff
Service Commanders
Admiral Arun Prakash, former Chief of Staff, Indian Navy
Prof. James Clad
Invited Speakers
Ladies and Gentlemen
I am glad to have this opportunity to address you at the Inaugural Session of the Galle Dialogue Maritime Conference, which is being organized by the Ministry of Defence of Sri Lanka. This Conference takes place at an opportune time, one year after the defeat of the LTTE, one of the world's worst terrorist groups, by the Sri Lanka Defence Forces.

Please read the full text

Security Council Open Debate on Protection of Civilians
 in Armed Conflict – 7th July 2010
Statement by the delegation of Sri Lanka

Madam President,
I join previous speakers in expressing appreciation to you for convening today’s open debate and congratulate you on your assumption of the Presidency. We also thank the Secretary-General for his statement and Under-Secretary-General John Holmes and the High Commissioner for Human Rights, Ms Pillay for their   useful briefings.

Statement by
Hon. Mohan Peiris, P.C.,
Attorney-General of Sri Lanka

under agenda Item 2 of the 14th Session of the
UN Human Rights Council:
 update by the 
High Commissioner for Human Rights

Geneva, 31 May 2010

Mr. President,
My delegation notes the High Commissioner’s interest on Sri Lanka as contained in her statement. Having seized the opportunity for peace and reconciliation with the end of the terrorist conflict, we in Sri Lanka have now begun to reap its dividends through the meaningful implementation of the necessary measures to ensure they are enjoyed by every citizen of the country.  The very fact that only 30,000 remain from the 300,000 IDPs to resettle from a year ago signals the provision of the basic fruits of peace.  The President of Sri Lanka has instructed for immediate action to be taken to resettle these remaining IDPs within 3 months and close the welfare centres in the North.  Infrastructure facilities such as highways, drinking water, schools, electricity and housing are being developed in this region. 

Media Coverage of the IIFA Awards 2010 in Colombo

IIFA awards will be held this year at the Sugathadasa Indoor Stadium in Colombo from June 3rd  to June 5th, 2010

Please find the attached Pre-registration form called the Visiting Journalist Programme for IIFA  2010(VJP form) issued by the SLTPB needs to be filled by all media representatives coming to cover the IIFA.

Along with the VJP form , all the media representatives are required to produce a letter of commission from their respective media organizations (this should be on proper letterhead and not an e-mail) stating that the journalists is coming to cover IIFA from that organization. Name and passport details of the journalist should be clearly mentioned in the letter.

Freelance journalists covering IIFA are also required to produce a letter from the Editor of a reputed publication.

Please note that the following supporting Documents has to be submitted

duly filled VJP form
2 colour  photographs each (passport size) will be needed for the accreditation card and IIFA Media Pass.
letter of commission from a reputed media organization
equipment list for electronic media for customs purposes (they will also need to carry a carnet or bank guarantee).
copy of travel itinerary

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